About Us


Sierra Consulting Group, Inc. (SCG) is a full-service elevator and escalator consulting firm providing knowledge and expertise in the vertical transportation industry.

As a vertical transportation consulting company with extensive experience in the building-transportation management business, we provide technical expertise for a broad range of jobs, ranging from annual inspections to full modernizations.

Our consulting agency acts as an impartial third party to advise clients on cost-effective methods. We enable our clientele to simultaneously save money and ensure the safest and most reliable transportation options. We are committed to provide each client with economical and professional service, which is guaranteed by our history of excellent work in the vertical-transportation industry.

Real-estate owners and property managers benefit greatly from our valuable provisions. We are committed to every project, regardless of its size, and apply our skills to every step of the process, from the initial bidding through completion, to act as an effective liaison between the customer and the company.

We represent:

Building owners and managers.

Real-estate developers.

Co-ops and condominiums.

Retail-management groups.


Insurance companies.

Public adjusters.

Utility companies.

Government agencies.

We strive to serve anyone seeking superior advisement on vertical-transportation matters. We do not provide services to elevator contractors, nor are we affiliated with elevator contractors. Independence allows us to consistently offer top-quality and unbiased service without restriction.

Varying projects have unique requirements, yet our goal is to customize our services to meet needs on an individual basis. We strive to support our clients in fulfilling the most specific of project visions.

SCG customizes our services to fit your individual needs.