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Client Dashboard and Job Status


Each client's dashboard has a history by year of jobs, specifically Category Testing Analysis by elevator company. This allows our staff to analyze the elevator company's performance on your behalf.

Category Inspection Results Analysis


Our system tracks the annual inspection results for each client by elevator company and year to track performance of elevator companies.

SierraLive Inspections Dashboard


 This dashboard is real time and alerts the office staff of Cat 1/5 inspections by year. It also alerts for upcoming inspections that are due on DOBNOW as well as mobile app alerts from the field witnesses 

SierraLiveMobile App Screen Shots


On the left is the login screen for our mobile app. The right is what each rep sees once logged in. When the rep clicks on the scheduled inspections for the day, he will be prompted to enter inspection results.

SierraLiveMobile App Screen Shots


Each field inspector/witness enters the inspection results. If Sierra witnessed the inspection in the prior year, the rep can click to see results from that year to view history. 

Client Portal: COMING SOON


We are currently developing our client portal. This will allow the client to log in and check the status of their current jobs with us, including approving proposals

This is a screenshot of our database which allows our staff to manage a project from start to finish

Modernization Project Management

Mod Job Tracking

Each modernization job that Sierra is awarded is tracked through our state of the art tracking system, SierraLive. The job is initially tracked when a proposal is sent to client. Upon receipt of executed contract, Sierra begins the process of creating a job specification document. The specification is then sent to various elevator companies to start the bid process. Once all qualified bids are received they are analyzed and organized by our staff to present to the owner/manager. Our staff works diligently through the award process and then manages time frames for commencement to completion and signoff. 

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