Elevator Modernization

Every building is unique in its design and needs. Selection of the safest vertical transportation equipment is extremely important when considering a capital improvement. Making that selection is often left to the elevator contractor which can leave you with uncertainty, confusion and unanswered questions.

Proper planning minimizes down time, maximizes reuse of existing elevator components, and allows for appropriate incorporation of state-of-the-art products. Our elevator modernization services result in an improved system that works more efficiently, and provides increased reliability, safety, and comfort for all users. Our mission is to assist in all decision making that pertains to your capital improvement project. We do that by:

  • Analyzing the existing equipment.
  • Listing equipment that should be reused or replaced.
  • Developing plans and specification development for adapting new equipment to meet existing, as well as ongoing, conditions.
  • Answering bidder's questions and writing clarifying addendums.
  • Evaluating work progress and specification compliance.
  • Onsite quality control throughout any modernization.
  • Arranging site visits to evaluate that work progress and specification compliance.
  • Reviewing the design, engineering, and serviceability characteristics of any proposed equipment.
  • Advising on final selections, interviews, and award of contracts.
  • Assisting owners in negotiating with contractors to finalize pricing and work schedules.
  • Providing assistance with cab and fixture designs selection.
  • Monitoring attendance at meetings and payment application approval.
  • Handling final acceptance and punch list compilations.
  • Securing diagnostic tools and technical materials required for future maintenance requirements.
  • Providing all necessary  J51/MCI information, so that fees are correctly applied.

SCG customizes our services to fit your individual needs