Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance

 A good maintenance program will eliminate the need for costly new equipment or major repairs. Our Maintenance Audits are comprehensive and detailed. They list all parts of your elevator systems, determine their condition, and judge/evaluate how well the system is being currently maintained. Our goal is to provide an in-depth understanding of the condition of the elevator equipment by proceeding as follows:

Surveying your existing elevator equipment to evaluate its performance levels, code compliance, and general maintenance condition.

Comparing your existing elevator service contract with our findings, then evaluating your service company's contractual compliance, and highlighting any equipment deficiencies we discover.

Working with you and your elevator service company to establish maintenance schedules. Schedules ensure performance standards and advise when system upgrades are necessary.

Providing scheduled quality control surveys on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Periodic maintenance and operation evaluation services also assure that the maintenance contractor is keeping your systems in proper condition to meet the demands of your building.

Over the years we have developed contractual agreements that are client oriented. We offer unique assistance in the coordination, bidding, and execution of new contracts and help our clients obtain the finest service at the best price. SCG documents all conditions with digital photographs and provides copies of maintenance deficiencies to both owners and contractors to ensure proper compliance.



A good preventative maintenance program eliminates the need for costly new equipment or major repairs. Our team is available to assist with a preventative maintenance monitoring (PMM) program, which will assist you, the building owner/manager to ensure your elevator is being maintained properly. We will perform an overview of the present elevator’s maintenance conditions as follows:

  • Conduct one (1) or two (2) maintenance audits      per year to determine the existing conditions of the elevator equipment.
  • Comment on housekeeping,      adjustment and lubrication practices.
  • Document necessary repairs      required to ensure proper operating conditions.
  • Ensure monthly maintenance is      commensurate with the level of preventive maintenance that is being paid      for and is in accordance of industry standards.
  • Perform general visual      observations of said elevator equipment, and indicate areas of maintenance      deficiencies. Objectively evaluate level of maintenance and document same.
  • Provide recommendations for      the repair of any component found deficient and forward list of      maintenance deficiencies to elevator contractor for review and compliance.

SCG customizes our services to fit your individual needs.