Category 1/5 Inspections / Third Party Witness

The Category 1 Test/Inspection is an annual inspection (periodic) no-load safety test. The Category 5 Test/Inspection is a full-load inspection test performed every five years in the same month of the last test date. If any of the devices (elevators) are due for a Category 5 Test/Inspection, then within the allotted timeframe, a combined Category 1 and Category 5 test will be scheduled, performed, and witnessed. If not, they will be done during separate visits.

The building owner or management company will be responsible to hire a third party licensed inspection agency (Sierra Consulting Group, Inc.) to act as a witness and certify that the inspection/test procedure was performed in accordance of the new code. Subsequently, all of the necessary test results will be filed on DOBNOW in accordance with NYC DOB code and associated fees can be paid online. Sierra Consulting Group, Inc., is able to provide these services as the third party licensed agency on the owner's behalf.

 SCG customizes our services to fit your individual needs.